Monday, May 12, 2014

My Life's Most Meaningful Quotes

I say what I want to say and do what I want to do. There's no in between. People will either love you for it or hate you for. -Eminem
I chose this quote because he is telling people that he does what he wants and he doesn’t care if people hate him for it.  This is inspirational because it makes me want to just do what I want and I don’t need to worry about others thinking my actions are dumb or bad.

I chose this quote because it represents overcoming racism and promoting equality.  Since Rosa Parks was a famous advocate for equality, it means a lot for her to say this quote.

Only thing we have to fear is fear itself. -Franklin D. Roosevelt.

FDR was trying to tell us that there weren’t any threats besides being scared of threats.  Being scared or nervous about something can eat you up.  When you get nervous about something, you get even more nervous if you don’t calm yourself.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Life's Songs

Infinite -Eminem (Song)
Eminem raps about how he is infinitely passionate about what he does.  He talks about the quality of his talent and to you should always strive to be all you can be.  I am passionate about the things I do and I strive to be better.  This song isn’t about him telling us that he is the best, it is about him telling us why he is the best.

Remember the Name- Fort Minor (Song)
The main rapper in this song, MIke Shinoda, was originally the keyboardist in the rock band, Linkin Park.  He made this song because he heard other rappers and thought he could do it differently.  He also made this to put his brand out there.  Since I am in a personal branding class, I can relate to this because I am trying to show people my brand and put my own twist on things.

The Lazy Song -Bruno Mars (Music Video)
I chose this song because I can be very lazy sometimes.  Sometimes I just want to lay in my bed instead of do schoolwork.  Since this song is about being lazy and lazy activities, this fits me well.

Pursuit of Happiness -Kid Cudi (Song)
Everything that I do with school or other activities is so I can be happy in the long run.  The things that I do on the way may not be that great, but they help later on in life.

Under Pressure -Queen (Song)
This song is clearly about being under pressure.  I am under pressure with my schoolwork and other activities.  I need to worry about studying and finishing all of my homework.  I sometimes get multiple tests on the same day and that gives me a lot of stress.

Good Life -Kanye West (Song)
This song correlates with the Pursuit of Happiness.  After I go through all of the hardships, I will be living the good life and be happy.  The things that are said in the song are things that would make me happy.  The good life only comes with a lot of effort.
Opposite of Adults -Chiddy Bang (Music Video)
This song is about not growing up and staying a kid.  As I go through school, it gets harder and harder to keep my grades up and complete all of my work.  This song  mentions the good things that come with being a kid and some of the harder things in life the come with growing up.

Airplanes Part 2 -B.O.B (Song)
The song is about being a dreamer. In order to achieve what you want, in this case being a rapper, you need to have dreams and have the perseverance to achieve them.  B.O.B. talks about how his life would be nothing without dreams and hard work.  Eminem focuses on the struggle of pursuing a dream.  His only motivation was his dreams of entering the rap scene.

Legend of Zelda: Song of Storms- Remix by Ephixa and NLJ (Song)
This song is from a video game where the hero must grow and overcome struggles.  He has to go through many trials in his life that all prepares him for a final confrontation with the antagonist.  After all of these struggles, he becomes the hero.  I may not have battles like this, but I do overcome struggles everyday.

Pinball Wizard -The Who
This song is about a kid that is great at pinball. Just like this kid plays pinball, I play video games a lot.  I consider myself good at video games.  The song also talks about the character closing his eyes and playing by feel.  It is fun to try new things like this to change up the experience.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Artifact

This is an Nintendo 64 controller.  My N64 broke many years ago but I still keep the controller because of the nostalgia factor.